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Brian Rice

Brian Rice is the founder of RunnerUp Comedy Troupe and alumni of the Brave New Workshop's Student Union performance track. He has acted in a Fringe show "This is Where Your Free Time Goes to Die" at Bryant Lake Bowl and has performed with other improv groups around the Twin Cities.

As part of a new breed of human developed at Comedy Sportz in Minneapolis known as an ACLETE (actor + athlete), he leads a double life. By day he teaches Spanish to 3rd graders. By night (and weekends) he performs with "Girl Scout Bookies" at Six Ring Circus at Brave New Workshop's Student Union. 

Caitlin Puckett

I’ve been living in the Big Apple (New York!) since 2010 and I’m on an indie improv team called Curtains. We formed in July 2011 and do long form, organic improv. Curtains have performed over thirty-five shows at various venues throughout NYC including Upright Citizens Brigade East, Under St. Mark's, and The Player's Theatre. We currently host a monthly show at the Producer's Club. In November 2011 we had three appearances at Indie Cagematch at UCBeast. You can check us out on or here

We all met through classes at Upright Citizens Brigade where I'm currently doing Advanced Study Harold. As far as boring, non improv stuff goes, I’m currently working for NBC instructing commercials. I also enjoy New York culture by eating a lot of pizza slices and bagels.


Ryan Overturf

Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was an African American Muslim minister and human rights activist. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of African Americans, a man who indicated white American in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans. Detractors accused him of preaching racism, black supremacy, antisemitism, and violence. He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history.

He is currently unemployed.  




Tiffany Streng


Considered by many movie reviewers to be the greatest living film actress, Meryl Streephas been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 16 times, and has won it twice. Born Mary Louise Streep in 1949 in Summit, New Jersey, Meryl's early performing ambitions leaned toward the opera. She became interested in acting while a student at Vassar and upon graduation she enrolled in the Yale School of Drama. She gave an outstanding performance in her first film role, Julia (1977), and the next year she was nominated for her first Oscar for her role in 
 The Deer Hunter (1978). She went on to win the Academy Award for her performances in 
Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Sophie's Choice(1982), in which she gave a heart-wrenching
portrayal of an inmate mother in a Nazi death camp.

A perfectionist in her craft and meticulous and painstaking in her preparation for her roles, Meryl turned out a string of highly acclaimed performances over the next 10 years in great films like Silkwood (1983); Out of Africa (1985); Ironweed (1987); and A Cry in the Dark (1988). Her career declined slightly in the early 1990s as a result of her inability to find suitable parts, but she shot back to the top in 1995 with her performance as Clint Eastwood's married lover in The Bridges of Madison County (1995) and as the prodigal daughter in Marvin's Room (1996). In 1998 she made her first venture into the area of producing, and was the executive producer for the moving ...First Do No Harm (1997) (TV). A realist when she talks about her future years in film, she remarked that " matter what happens, my work will stand..."


Corrin Carlson


I am a Theatre Arts and Spanish double-major from Edina, MN. I have travelled all over the world and started doing improv while studying in Spain. I found the only time anyone would ever laugh at me was when I made fun of my own American-ness. I enjoy cooking, studying languages, and taking siestas.



Caitilin McCoy - Stage Manager

Donna Noble is the daughter Sylvia and Geoff Noble, and granddaughter of Wilfred Mott. Prior to meeting the Doctor, she held down a series of temporary jobs. She had the opportunity to find permanent work as a secretary for a photocopying business, but she chose instead to take a job as a temp secretary at HC Clements, a security company that was in fact a Torchwood front. It was here that she met her future fiancée, Lance Bennett, who was head of Human Resources at the company.

She burst unexpectedly into the Doctor's life, after he had farewelled his trapped companion Rose, by mysteriously appearing in the TARDIS console room wearing her wedding dress. 

For Donna's first t
rip in the TARDIS as his companion, the Doctor attempted to take Donna to ancient Rome, though the pair ended up in Pompeii as "Volcano Day" approached. Donna and the Doctor played a major role in the revolution on the Ood-sphere. They discovered that the Ood had a secondary brain that telepathically linked to the hive brain, though Ood Operations removed this and replaced it with the synthetic translator ball.

Donna is one of the few people who can prickle at the Doctor's conscience. It was Donna's tough support that helped the Doctor recognise the genetic anomoly Jenny as his daughter. Donna's skills with numbers helped uncover the secrets of a generations-old war in the bowels of the planet Messaline.

Donna received her TARDIS key in "The Poison Sky" and a cell phone upgrade in "The Doctor's Daughter," both have which are considered accouterments of being a companion to the Doctor.

Erik Larson

Erik is self-described as three-and-a-half years old and characteristically avoids pronouns,
referring to himself in the third person (e.g. "Erik has a question" rather than, "I have a question"). After becoming a regular guest on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Erik began touring the talk-show circuit. He has appeared on Martha Stewart Living and MarthaThe Tony Danza ShowRove LiveWait Wait...Don't Tell Me!,[3] and The View. Erik and a developmental expert gave babysitting tips on the June 18, 2005 episode of Teen
Kids News. He has also appeared on Emeril Live, helping Emeril make (non-alcoholic) eggnog during a Holiday Special shown in December 2008. Erik was the star of the 1999 full-length, theatrically released motion picture Erik in Grouchland. He also starred in the film Erik Saves Christmas.

Kara Eggers

I am a Feminist, no ifs ands or buts about it. I've been in a few serious relationships but they didn't work out for this that and the other thing. I love animals more than I care to even try to explain. Also, Michelle Bachmann is my worse nightmare (so glad she is no longer a running for president!).

I provide for two gerbils, Gibbs and Alfred. Currently I am perusing a degree in Communication Studies and an emphasis in Women and Gender Studies and Theatre. I'm involved in Student Senate, The Wenonah Players Club, multiple Feminist Clubs and a Comedy Troupe on Campus: RunnerUp. .

I am a barista at a local coffee shop which has just fueled my coffee addiction. I also volunteer for the Women's Resource Center where I take the 24hr crises line along with helping out at the humane society taking care of the cats!


Mark Babel

Mark Babel is a joke.  Just kidding he is a person.  Mark spends the majority of his time frolicking in the weight room.  Among his many muscles the best one is his comedy muscle.  He works out, so to speak.  Mark has been a member of RunnerUp since 2009.  Mark is a Mass Communications Major, with an emphasis in Advertising.  Mark spends his summer chillin out relaxin all cool.  No one dares make trouble in his neighborhood.   Briefly studied for the priesthood.            

Matthew Wenzel


On a Dark Morning in August as the sun came went down and came back up again there was not a shriek in the night air or anything stupid.  It was just a simple day in which I had finally built a tree house using nothing but the resources of the animal kingdom.  Standing triumphant in my great skill and success I decided that I should probably never grow up entirely with the mental state.  So as it were I chose to live my days with childish mentality and take great delight in the frustrations I cause others with this characteristic, but not to be forgotten I also take pride in the epic moments that can result as well.





Abbey Hammell

Oh jeez, where to start, there's so much. For starters, I'm the rightful bearer of the Triforce of Courage, and also the chosen bearer of the Master Sword, a powerful magical sword that can be used against unspeakable evil. People often see me as an elf, but honestly...can't I just have pointy ears? I enjoy spending my free time traveling through the land of Hyrule defeating creatures, evil forces, and my arch-nemesis, Ganon. I often have to rescue princess Zelda from the clutches of these evil forces because she's stupid enough to get caught over and over again. When I'm not defeating the evil forces of Hyrule, I usually waste my time fishing, smashing various pots, cutting grass with my sword, and making obnoxious noises during anything physically taxing. 

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones has been a Runner Upper since her sophomore year at Winona State. Other than doing the occasional set at birthday parties for all the other 10-year-old girls, she had never done improv before coming to college. She joined both out of love for the activity and subscription to the fact that she was generally a silly person. She has since learned that everyone is a silly person, but she still loves improv. Besides being silly, her other interests include jogging and reading at the same time, licking her own elbow and turning various other foods into cupcakes. She currently works as a reporter for the Winona Daily News.

Anthony Stewart

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