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Jackson Collins - Education Coordinator- Team Captain

This is Jackson Collins.  He is a big fan of the color orange.  His favorite number is the number 204.  If he’s not improvising, He is making a flytrap because his room is full of little mouses and cats.  His best friend is the piano because he can make lovely smells out of it.  His favorite movie is coming out in 2 years.  His favorite book came out 5 years ago at the bottom of the ocean.  He is very intelligent in the field of being a king.  His mother was a baker of pies and his father was an expert in crackpot theorems.  So improv was the perfect place for lil’ ol’ Jackie.  All in all, Jackson is a humble man and loves what he does and who he does it with.


Oh, he can fly also….


Garret Bowling

22-year-old Garrett Bowling is a senior here at WSU and is currently working towards a degree in Vocal Music Education with a minor in Pokemon Training. He is a graduate of Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry and currently works with the Ministry of Magic as an Auror to help pay for college. He is an active member of many groups on campus in addition to RunnerUp, including Full Spectrum, the American Choral Directors Association, and the CareBear fan club. He has been a part of theater for his whole life, on stage from the minute he left the womb, playing the baby Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked. From there he moved to smaller venues and has played in more than 20 shows. In his spare time he likes to read, listen to music, watch too much T.V. and browse the Internet.


Adam Calcagno - Team Captain

On the evening of the 5th, I received a phone call. The caller was labeled unknown, along with my knowledge of what was to come. "Hello...?" I uttered softly, suspecting the worst. The only retort on the other end was a slow, deep set of breaths followed by an abrupt click; the mystery caller hung up. Hyperventilating, I put the phone down, only to realize my bologna sandwich had disappeared. I frantically searched my apartment, lifting couch cushions, rugs, weights...nothing. I took a second look in the kitchen and there he was, next to my home receiver. "It was me," he whispered. Stricken with disbelief, I ran out of the apartment, weeping in fear of my life. I needed to seek help, so I went to the bus stop and immediately called 911. Nothing. No dial tone. Only three...short...breaths. No, I thought, not like this. I called home to my parents. I called my friends. I called everyone that could've possibly aided me in my time of need; nothing but three short breaths. As I sat there, crying, I heard a voice behind me. "I can help you." My heart started racing as this glimpse of hope appeared. I turned to greet the stranger but my eyes didn't meet another's. There was no person​ there. Only a sandwich. 

A few days later I auditioned for RunnerUp Comedy Troupe and got in and it's been fun.  


Keagan Anderson


Keagan Ray “Keebler” Anderson is currently a Freshman chemistry major here at WSU with minors in communications, theater, underwater basket weaving, leatherwork, computer games, and frolicking arts.

He is also currently the youngest member of Runner Up (therefor he’ll live the longest). His most important experiences in life boil down to finding a quarter on the sidewalk last week and completing the McDonald’s forty-nugget challenge 2 1/2 times. His spirit animal is silent film star Charlie Chaplin. The most important things to note about him, however, is [censored for the children viewing this website].


Alex Buchanan - Team Captain


Alex Buchanan. Always loves eating xanthareel (look it up). Breaking usually caring halfwits and non-antagonistic newts. This is my life. This is who I aspire to be. One day you can do this too. Alex Buchanan. Magician, Brother, and part-time Pirate. Keep climbing that rope son. Keep climbing. 


Brad Krieger

It was a swift breezy August 23rd in the year 1993, when Brad Krieger was born. He then went through life not having a clue what he was doing. As is life for all, he tried to find his place in this wild jungle. He tried to throw a football, but hit the head coach. He tried to sing a note but it came out harsh. He tried to land a pliet, but instead busted a move like MC Hammer. Heck he even tried to pick up a phillips screw driver, and picked up a flat head instead. Needless to say he did not know his place. Until of course 6th grade when he hit the stage, to make people laugh. at first it was rough. He had to figure out what made them tick. Once he found this out though it paved the road for him to join a team. A team much like The Avengers. They assemble, and save the world from no laughing, not because the people want us to, but because they will need us to. RUNNERUP ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!

Margot Friedli

 Margot Friedli is currently a senior at Winona State University, majoring in vocal performance, music education, and napping.  In her spare time, she likes to read, binge watch Netflix, perform open heart surgeries, walk around the lakes, travel with The Doctor, and is the leading lyrical soprano for the Metropolitan Opera.  Before college, Margot traveled throughout Japan and became a Zen master, even giving lessons to the Dalai Lama.  When she decides to take a break, Margot takes her private helicopter to her private island and spends quality time with her celebrity-crush-boyfriend, Benedict Cumberbatch.


Britt Telshaw - Media Assistant

Britt Telshaw is the the Media Assistant for RunnerUp. He films RunnerUp performances and makes videos with the group. Britt has been a member of RunnerUp since April 2014. Margot likes to try and fire him often.

He is currently a junior at WSU majoring in journalism and minoring in coaching.​ While not as spontaneous as the rest of RunnerUp, Britt can have quips that are just as funny as the rest. Unless puns aren't your thing. They're god awful sometimes.


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